Sequence Media Group is a team of creative visionaries who have built an award winning news, media and communications firm which provides our clients with cutting edge online video communications strategies. As one of the few new media firms successfully straddling original online news and sophisticated professional content creation, Sequence Media Group is a unique hybrid. We demonstrate daily, to both our rapidly growing audience and professional clients, how online news syndication and video content development can be artfully merged to achieve a wide range of professional and journalistic objectives. 

It’s in our DNA to innovate, and we’re constantly upgrading our technical expertise and combining it with up to date information in the areas of law, health and wellness, finance, education, real estate and corporate communications that we primarily serve. This in depth knowledge, acquired through more than a decade of experience in these high value niche markets, informs and guides every strategic plan we develop. Sequence Media Group brings to the table a sophisticated awareness of our clients unique business communication needs, while also providing superior studio, edit and video creative talent to insure it meets the exacting standards our clients expect. 

Our original news networks, which enjoy approved or recognized news provider status, when strategically combined with our crafted content for client specific niche broadcast needs, gives Sequence Media Group a powerful new media tool set that few firms can match. Our solutions are national in scope and provide an opportunity to scale and implement legitimate and powerful video communications into your strategic plans. We want to partner with those who envision a bigger and better future. Is that you?