"Video produced outside of a complete business development plan is a total waste of the clients time, money and creative potential"        Mark Wahlstrom, CEO, Sequence Media Group


One of the most important elements of working with Sequence Media Group is the opportunity to work with our exceptionally talented business development team. Headed up by Craig Doyle, President of Sequence Media Group, this core unit of our company works with every client on the best way to apply video, new media techniques, social media tools to your existing marketing and business plans. 

With a combined 100 years of practical business and strategic consulting experience, and with careers spanning Madison Avenue, TV, Radio, Print, military leadership, logistics, journalism, running publicly traded companies as well as start ups, our team has pretty much seen and done it all. We bring these decades of experience and us them to assist you in applying new media tools and techniques to your marketing and branding campaigns.

Contact Craig Doyle directly to discuss your companies business development plans using our state of the art video production and syndication capabilities. craig@sequencemg.com 

Or, fill out the form below and send a request to our office and we will be in touch with you shortly to assist you.

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