The Best Places to Retire in 2019

There are so many options, so how do you know where is the best place to retire? Thankfully, International Living has done the work for you...their 2019 Annual Global Retirement Index sifts through locales from all over the world to find the best places to retire.

Their list includes 10 countries where expats can thrive. In the tenth position is Spain. According to International Living, Spain is a good choice because their basic food items are inexpensive at just around 60 cents a pound - the country has a long growing season and produces lots of fruits and vegetables. Cost of living there is around $2,500 a month.

Number nine is Thailand, eight is Peru, seven is Portugal, six is Columbia, five is Malaysia, five is Ecuador, number three is Mexico and number two is Costa Rica. IL says Costa Rica is a good choice because of its low cost of living, affordable top-notch medical care, bargain real estate, tropical climate and natural beauty. Expats tell IL that Costa Ricans are generally friendly and welcoming.

The number one spot goes to Panama. IL says Panama is warm and tropical, but outside of the hurricane belt. They use the U.S. dollar and the tax burden is low. The country offers good food and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Ocean-view condos in the country’s capital start as low as $1,500 a month.

To learn more about the list and the reasons countries made the list, click here.