Women Who Share Their Beds With Dogs Sleep Better, Study Finds

Ladies, forget cuddling with a human partner in bed, science says your pup may be the better choice!

A Canisius College study found women had the least disruptive sleep when they shared their bed with dogs, as opposed to humans and cats.

Researchers collected online survey data from about 960 U.S. women. 55 percent of the women surveyed slept with at least one dog, while 31 percent shared their bed with one cat. 57 percent slept with a human partner.

According to the results, canine owners went to bed and woke up earlier than feline owners. Kitties were seen as the least able to conjure up feelings of comfort and security.

The results are subjective and the study’s authors say more follow-up is necessary to see if owners’ perceptions of how pets affect their sleep match objective research.