Labrador Retriever Top Dog Breed for a Record 28th Year

The American Kennel Club just released its most popular dog breeds list and the Labrador Retriever is top dog for a record 28th year!

The AKC’s list uses AKC registration statistics to rank breeds. This current list looks at 2018 data.

Not much has changed since 2017, with most of the dog breeds staying in the same spot with the minor exception of number 9 and 10 swapping positions. As for the rest of the list...2, German Shepherd Dog; 3, Golden Retriever; 4, French Bulldog; 5, Bulldog; 6, Beagle; 7, Poodle; 8,Rottweiler; 9, German Shorthaired Pointer; 10, Yorkshire Terrier.

The least popular breed on the list at number 192 is the Sloughi, a dog known as the “Arabian Greyhound.” It was bred to hunt a variety of game in North African deserts.