The Poverty Rate for Widows Has Declined. Here Are the Reasons Why.

The poverty rate for widows has dropped significantly since the mid-1990s. A Center for Retirement Research at Boston College study looks at the reasons for the decline.

According to their research, three factors could have contributed to the decline: 1) The rise in women’s educational attainment; 2) The rise in women’s work experience; 3) Shifting marriage patterns, with women of higher socioeconomic status more likely to be married than those of lower socioeconomic status.

According to their study, women have become more independent as both their educational attainment and work experience have increased. By 2014, widows between the ages of 65 and 85 had an extra year and a half of education and more than 10 years of additional work experience compared to widows in 1994.

Despite this good news, researchers say widows’ poverty will continue to be much higher than that of married couples.