Sequence Media Group, Producing the Vision for your future.

Development of Broadcast Channels and Video Branding Platforms. Through a combination of our proprietary video production and creative skill sets Sequence Media's team builds from the ground up, unique broadcast channels such as The Legal Broadcast Network, Arizona Business News, Dentist News Network, Annuity News Now and Sequence Media Financial Network. These networks enjoy the benefit of Google News certification, powerful MRSS feeds, outstanding original writing, art design and full support for your e-commerce store or service. If you desire the most powerful branding, lead generation or social media communication platform through ownership of a network or channel, this is your premium option.

Professional branding and communication as a Featured Commentator on our Networks. Not every professional or business has the budget or support staff needed to develop a full media channel. For these clients we offer the value of a cooperative pricing program by placement as a featured commentator on one of our existing channels or networks. For example, we can place attorneys on many of our current legal channels and networks as a "Featured Commentator", allowing you to be part of monthly video broadcasts. These commentator options, coupled with our proven social media and search results, not only brand you as an expert in your field, but catapult your message into search and social media target audiences in a way you can't possibly achieve by yourself.

Video profile and professional directory development.  Our network can create a full video and social media ready, HD quality video profile directory for you company, association or professional practice., These video profiles, placed in a targeted directory designed to provide both immediate and long lasting search results, describe your area of expertise and how those who are searching can contact your professional practice or company. This is the perfect toe in the water approach for those just learning about using video in social media and who are just starting to develop a consistent branding and marketing campaign using video. 

Special event and video creative services through Sequence Media Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. Whether you require creative video programs, broadcasting services, green screen rental or engaging our experienced camera and production team for your charitable or corporate events, Sequence Media Group can handle your needs. Contact us today to obtain pricing for special events, video creative production, film editing or engaging our on screen talent. 

Web page, blog and channel design. One of the key elements of any channel is the design, functionality and ease of use of their web page. The days of the "web guru" who was an impediment to your business sales, communication and branding functions are, thankfully, at an end. Our team can create your channel, online store, media platform or blog quickly, easily and elegantly through our partnership with Squarespace. If you are frustrated with the look, feel and function of your web page or blog, contact us for a bid to update and renovate the look you currently have.